Social Media for Lady Bosses

In these courses you will learn
  • The things your upline and home office teach you that keep you struggling
  • How to brand yourself and why it is important for your business.
  • How to build relationships to stay relevant and top of mind to your clients and customers resulting in repeat sales and bookings.

Social Media Success Strategies

Let’s break down your accounts and what you should be doing to get real results and find your tribe. The key is to BRAND yourself, not your company. We will take a deep dive into how to truly and authentically market yourself and stand out from the noise online. You deserve to shine. 

The Details

All courses are completely self-paced and taught entirely through online video tutorials and worksheets. Once you register you will receive a welcome email with a link to download your theme files and access to the course video lessons. You will have unlimited access to the video lessons so you can go back and watch them as many times as you need to.

There are no refunds on digital courses by Lucky + Lovely.

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